Your opportunity awaits...

...a life changing bundle of services constructed to save you time, money and hassle.

Thank you for your interest in our Opportunity. At Better Benefits not only do we believe strongly about having a program virtually everyone can use, but our goal is to empower entrepreneurs like you with the ability to earn a life changing income using a business you can do from virtually anywhere. Our distributors have the potential to earn as much as 55% on production, including 25% on personal sales. Please see below chart for more detailed information.

Personal Production - 25%
1st Tier - 10%
2nd Tier - 8%
3rd Tier - 6%
4th Tier - 4%
5th Tier - 2%

*In order to qualify for commissions from Tiers 2-5 a distributor must have 5 direct distributors in their organization
*Distributors must be active with Better Benefits to receive any compensation
*All Revenue is commissionable, including enrollment and back office fees